Shared Etches

Listed below are some of the etches I have produced for my own benefit and which I am happy to share with other Association members. As these are pieces developed for myself, rather than commercial products, some may have minor issues but any that are known about will be covered in the instructions.

The prices of any items marked as “New” are estimates. The cost will vary depending on the actual quantity ordered which itself depends on demand, but I will confirm the final price before asking for payment. If you are interested in any of these, or think you may be interested in the future, please complete the request form as I will need to know how many to order – the more that are ordered the cheaper they will be.

FR1 – Farish LNER Van 2FS Conversion Kit v1.3 (£0.85)

Assembly With Wheels webAn etch providing a fold up bearing bracket for Association wheels on 12.25mm axles plus brake shoes in line with the wheels. The Farish LNER van is a lovely model, let down only by the fact that the brakes are in line with the solebars and there is too much slop in the axleboxes to fit in-line brake shoes with wheels on 15.2mm axles. Contains two brake assemblies, sufficient for one vehicle.

Also Fits: Farish LNER/BR 13T High Sided Open


FR2 – Farish BR CCT Detailing Kit v1.2 Underframe complete

No longer available.

If you already have the etch and are looking for the instructions you can download them here.


FR4 – Chopper v1.1 (£0.85)

Chopper WebThe bike of the 1970s. Available in two variants. FR4.1 is the Mk1 version in production from 1969 to 1972 and FR4.2 is the Mk2 version in production from 1972 to 1980. The Mk2 has a shorter seat (plus some other changes not visible on this etch). The etch comprises two pieces and requires some dexterity in assembly. Contains sufficient pieces for two bikes.


FR5 – Brakes for Farish BR1 Bogies v1.3 (£1.15)

Assembly WebFold up brake shoes for Farish Blue Riband Mk1 BR1 bogies. They will also fit later Commonwealth bogies with a little filing but will not work on older Mk1 bogies or those sold currently with Mk1 suburban vehicles (too much slop), nor will it fit a B4 bogie. Optionally fits around the NEM pocket (the picture on the right shows an earlier NEM only version – the current version includes the fourth bit of brake rodding). Contains two brake shoe assemblies, sufficient for two bogies.

Also Fits: Farish (NEM) Commonwealth bogies

Can be made to fit earlier Farish (non-NEM) Commonwealth Bogies ( as supplied with the Mk1 Pullmans) with a little cutting and filing of the bogie.

Instructions            Video              Wealden Area Group Blog Article

FR6 – Class 121 Bogie Steps v1.0 (£0.70)

Step WebThe Dapol Class 121 DMU bogies have no steps, possibly because the bogie frames are already quite wide. This etch provides six steps plus a drilling guide. The steps have been etched under scale but you may still have issues with them fouling items that are close to the limits of the loading gauge.


All prices exclude postage and packing which is charged at cost (typically £1.20 to UK destinations).

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General Instructions (for beginners)

Thanks are due to my fellow members of the 2mm Scale Association Wealden Area Group who have helped with development and testing.